An arteriogram Is a diagnostic procedure that provides detailed X-Ray pictures of the arteries in your body. At Midwest Vascular & Varicose Vein Center, generally we examine the arteries from your waist down to your feet. Arteriograms reveal: The blood flow to all your blood vessels and if any blockage is present and the percent of blood flow restricted, many times we are able to open the blocked areas with a simple procedure called an angioplasty which uses a balloon to open the blocked area and restore normal blood flow. Most of the time Arteriograms are done on an outpatient basis which requires no hospitalization.

Arteriograms are performed by a vascular surgeon, who will gain access to your arterial system by inserting a small tube like catheter into the femoral artery, usually your groin area after a local anesthetic has been used.  Then “dye” or contrast is injected into the catheter and pictures or X-Rays are visualized on a computer screen and read as to whether normal blood flow or restricted blood flow and what percent of restriction is present. Depending on the location and size of blockage this is where a balloon or stent may be inserted. For more information, please click on the Educational Links tab on our website, and select ‘Arteriogram FAQ’s’.